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customs clearanceHuan hang, as a China Customs Broker
customs clearanceHuan hang, as a China Customs Broker


customs clearanceHuan hang, as a China Customs Broker


customs clearanceHuan hang, as a China Customs Broker,

 has built a mutual  trust with global manufacturers and enterprises, and holds a very broad engagement with inspection and quarantine departments at most China ports. Therefore, Huan hang can provide high-efficient China Customs declaration, China Customs agency/Brokerage/clear customs agent, inspection agency services for a wide range of import or export commodities. Pls allow Huan hang explain the important role that Customs Declaration plays in importing and exporting activities.

Then importing/exporting Customs declaration is a key part of international freight, which decides whether goods can pass the broader, and whether goods can catch shipping date or flight. As the competition in international feight market grows increasingly fierce, a feighet forwarder can not survive without great Customs clearance handling ablity. At present, many freight forwarders in China in fact have no qualification for customs clearance. Thus, they either ask customers to clear customs themselves or contract to broker companies or even small importing/exporting enterprises, which easily leads cost increases or shipment delay.

As an excellent import agency company that has been enjoying good words-of-mouth in the industry for 16 years, Huan hang has three advantages in China Custom Declaration/custom brokerage:

Firstly, Huan hang keeps a good customs clearance record at China Customs. Huan hang always manages to decrease goods inspection rate and provide fast and safe China custom agency services.
Secondsly, Huan hang maintains great communication with China Customs, and thus can handle various problems that might occur in the process of Customs clearance, and ensure goods catch shipping date or flight in time.
Thirdly, Huan hang has accumulated rich experience and lots of recources, and thus Huan hang can handle all kinds of customs clearance problems at China ports by using diversified trading modes flexibly. Our China Customs Agency services convers most important ports in China.

Huan hang's China Customs Agent Services include but not limited to
1. China Custom Clearance Agency for general trade goods - for example, wine, olive oil, mineral water, second-hand machines, wood, loog, comestics, yachts, private planes, chemical products.
2. Commodity inspecition Agency, Permit Agency, Quato Agendy for exporting/importing goods
3. China Customs Broker services for exhibition goods/samples, advertising samples, documents/materials and the related sea freight and air transportion agency.
4. China Customs Clearance services for equipments, materials, products of processing trade companies.

If you do not know how to import to China, if you are not happy with the performance of your current China customs agent, if you save import logistics costs, if you want fast, saft, high-efficient China import services, pick up your phone and contact us, Huan hang will provide the exact China Customs Agent Services you want!

Just one more thing, a good one to share with you: In 2013, Huan hang will establish its ChengDu branch to its large import services network that already covers ShangHai, Suzhou, ShenZhen, DongGuan, QingDao, TianJin,HongKong, GuangZhou,NingBo,Xiamen.

Import consultation:进口物流086+15818318684(Wechat)Jack
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