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The first 5 months in import food safety testing 927 batches are unqualified
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The first 5 months in import food safety testing 927 batches are unqualified

Recently, food safety problem causes more and more the attention by consumers, a lot of people are not assured in the quality of domestic products, most people think that foreign food in security has more secure, however, at present according to the national import and export of food safety detection of food from other countries, the results is that not all of the imported foods are worthy of trust, here, also remind everyone to polish eyes when choose and buy imported food, you can immediate attention to inspect bureau released relevant information and consumer tips when you tend to purchasing.

According to the source of “economic daily”, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of import and export food safety administration, director Lin wei said in the first 5 months this year, China imported food from 179 countries and regions, check out the unqualified food imports 927 batches, about 4142 tons, worth $12.75 million, involving almost all types of food. The unqualified food processing have been done, and not enter to the domestic market.
The detection, unqualified imported food involves 79 countries or regions, unqualified imported food almost involve all types of food, mainly include: beverage, pastry biscuits, sugar, grain and products, alcohol, aquatic products, dairy products, spices, dry nuts and other types.
The cause of unqualified imported food so much is that, make super limited use of food additives, microbial pollution, safety and health issues such as pollutants exceeds bid is more outstanding, accounted for 46% of the total batch unqualified imported food.
Among them, make limited use of food additives, a total of 233 batches, mainly for: cakes cookies, spices and excessive benzoic acid in drinks, drinks in acid red paint, alcohol, pastries, cookies, drinks, etc problem such as excessive sorbic acid in food.
salmonella in drinks, aquatic products detection in single increase listeria and other issues; Pollutants exceed a total of 44 batch, mainly for: condiment in arsenic, copper levels in alcohol, sugar, dairy products, beverage such problems as excessive nitrite.
Microbial contamination of a total of 153 batches, mainly for: cakes cookies, beverage, grain and products such as the total number of colonies in food, aquatic products, meat, detection of
Director Lin Wei , points out that for the detection of unqualified food, entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations for the return or destroyed, not into the domestic market. He also said, the next step, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine will to implement the new “food safety” as an opportunity to establish and improve the imported food outside the food safety management system evaluation, imported food risk classification management and related supporting system, perfecting the whole process imported food regulatory system, further strengthen the responsibility consciousness, to the determination of the stiff, the measures strictly, and to implement good imported food safety regulatory responsibilities, efforts to ensure the safety of imported food.

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