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Import the used machine to China -General trade agent
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Import the used machine to China -General trade agent
General trade is the most common way of trading for import and export, enterprises in China have the right of import and export or unilateral import and export trade, according to the general trade way to deal with import and export ,which called general trade cargo.
HuanHang provides as agent for general trade service for enterprise or individual who doesn’t have right of import and export, or the enterprises with import and export right but no related qualification.
Singing foreign trade contract on behalf of customer:
HuanHang with experienced foreign trade talented staff and accumulated many years of handled cases, provides professional services of foreign trade contract singing and help enterprise maximum to reduce friction and risk in the international trade.
(1) text of the draft contract.
(2) clear and definite the parties signing qualification.
(3) clear and definite the obligations and responsibilities of the parties.
(4) clear and definite the contents and the clauses in the contract.
(5) singing contract
As agent for right of import and export:
The import and export right need to be dealt with a complicated approval process, enterprises intend to apply for import and export must also get business bureau, customs, inspection and quarantine, administration of foreign exchange, electronic port and other relevant departments approval, and after obtaining a certificate of approval of the above mentioned departments, then the company has the self-management of import and export rights. With the import and export rights, can be independently engaged in the import and export business in accordance with the law.
HuanHang can be as agent for import and export, for no right of import and export enterprises to deal with import business, to provide convenient and quick business support.

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