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Case of import electric bus-China import international logistics company
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Case of import electric bus-China import international logistics company
Customer: NDRC MOST authorized energy studies central enterprise
Commodity: An electric bus with 35 seats
Service Content : we provide below door-door one stop services: dismantling ,packaging goods, pick-up the goods in Japan and ship to shanghai waigaoqiao, handle import docs ,customs clearance and domestic delivery to Shenzhen and other ports etc.
Import required docs :
1. Customs requirements : NDRC MOST authorized red head project plan
2. inspection requirements : From deal with mandatory product certificate ( that is , from the 3C certificate ), automatic import license ( O certificate, electriomechanical certificate).
Technical points:
1.The vehicle has no power system, it was given as a present by foreign manufactures to importer to used for science test. Research project : research of domestic produced pure electric bus clean energy range, product structure , the gradability, probes into pure power clean energy public bus development feasibility. And the applicability of the bus of power battery and lithium energy on domestic clean energy
2. the vehicle based on VOLVO9700 prototype ,and it only to dismantle the engine products. Commodity code classification is a big problem. After carefully research and looked up a large amount of datas ,we drawed the conclusion: its vehicles integrity is more than 50%. And formed a complete set of all parts , such as chassis, frame of the entire vehicle, and tires.
3.Accoding to our automobile import customs declaration operation experience for many years, we classified the vehicle code as 8702901000 . and handled the automatic import license within 2 days , and also would handle “ from deal with mandatory product certification certificate “ within 5 days. According to the customer demand, our company successfully completed the import and export of the goods on time work tasks, the car as it is by ro-ro transportation to the port, wharf of high costs. Because of our skilled operation experience, and the ability to customs clearance, the station car under the condition of the port in a total of less than 15 days will complete customs clearance and delivery to the importer.
The scene of load & unload cargos:

Import consultation:进口物流086+15818318684(Wechat)Jack
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